Sunrise TV App

for customers with a Sunrise TV Box

Here’s how the Sunrise TV app works

With the Sunrise TV app, you can watch TV on more than just your TV set; you can also watch it via:

  • Smartphone

  • Tablet

  • Computer, Laptop (

  • Apple TV

  • Android TV (Sony TV, Philips TV, Sharp TV)

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • Samsung Smart TV (from 2019 TV models / Version 5.0)

To use the TV app, you will need a Sunrise TV subscription and login details for the TV app. Your TV app login is created automatically when you sign up for your TV subscription.
Log into the Sunrise TV App with your My Sunrise login details

You can watch the basic channels on up to 5 devices at the same time - even on the go. Pay TV channels can be watched on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

How to set up the Sunrise TV App

Logging in

Open the Sunrise TV App and log in as follows:

Via TV:  Scan the QR code with your mobile and follow the instructions on the screen.

Via mobile: Log in with your My Sunrise login details. Your username is either your email address, mobile number, customer number or landline number.

Not got a My Sunrise login yet? You can register easily in just a few clicks.

If you’ve forgotten your My Sunrise password, you can reset it in the TV App by clicking on «Forgot My Sunrise password?».

Activate Replay

When using the app on your device for the first time, you can choose whether you wish to use the Replay function with «On» / «Off». We recommend activating Replay (only needs to be done once) to access past broadcasts.

Note: We are only allowed to grant access to past broadcasts from the moment at which Replay was activated. Therefore, the full 7 days of Replay will only be available to you 7 days after activation.

Configure settings

Here you can:

  • Create or edit a profile to create a personalized channel list with your own favorite channels in the order you prefer

  • Activate/deactivate parental controls

  • Activate/deactivate TV recommendations

  • Create/adjust a profile list of your favorite channels

  • Select which language you would like the Sunrise TV app to use

  • View FAQs and legal information

Set up profiles and channel lists

With the profile function, you can create up to 6 additional profiles and define a name, color and individual channel list for each one.

Click «Add profile» if you want to create a new profile. To edit an existing profile, simply click on the pencil symbol under the name of the profile you would like to edit.

The following settings and functions are profile-based:

  • Favorites list (including the sequence in the channel bar & TV Guide)

  • Menu language / audio language / subtitle settings

  • Recommendations

  • «Continue watching» content

  • Watchlist

All other functions and content are accessible for all profiles.

You can also use the profile function to create more channel lists for yourself, such as for sports channels & children’s channels.

  • In the upper right corner of the main menu (TV), you can set up and select your own channel list via your profile.  

  • Have you created several profiles? The default startup profile for a particular app can be specified in the settings.

Frequently asked questions about settings and logging in

To be able to use the new Sunrise TV app, the following minimum operating system requirements apply:

Apple TV

  • Apple TV - tvOS 13.0

Android TV

  • Android TV - 5.0

Fire TV

  • Fire TV - 5.0

Samsung Smart TV (from 2019 TV models)


  • iPhone - iOS / iPad - iPadOS: 12.1

Android Smartphone/Tablet

  • Android - 6.0


  • MS Edge 95

  • Safari 14

  • Google Chrome 95

  • Mozilla Firefox93

If you are unable to log in, it could be because of one of the following reasons:

Sunrise TV app login details not entered correctly

Please check whether you have entered your TV app login details correctly in the TV app at Important: If you enter incorrect login details multiple times in the app/at, access will be blocked after five failed attempts. If you have forgotten your Sunrise TV app login credentials, you can request a new password at To do so, click on «Forgot password?».

Network disruption

Please check whether you are connected to the Internet. If you are, but the connection still does not work, you can visit to check whether there is currently a network disruption in your area.

Temporary disruption

There may be a temporary disruption to the app or the page. Please wait a few minutes and then try to log in again.

The TV settings can be found in the top right corner of the main menu (small gear icon). On mobile devices, click on the profile icon in the top left corner to access the settings.

In the settings, go to «Parental controls» and enter your PIN. You can then set the age limit.

If you want to change your PIN, simply select the «Change PIN» option after clicking «Parental controls» and follow the instructions. The default PIN is 0000.

Recommendations show you a selection of TV programs that might interest you based on your previous TV viewing behavior. You can activate or deactivate this function in the settings.

You can create a list of favorite channels for each profile. Select the desired profile in the settings, select «Manage channels» and then sort your TV channels according to your interests.

If you would like to completely delete the channel list and use the standard channel list instead, select «Delete channel list for this profile».

You can find the link to the default channel list for Sunrise TV here.

Tip: You can set up a personalized channel list by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner of the main menu on your TV (top left corner on mobile devices).

You can expand your channel offering by adding additional channel packages via your My Sunrise customer account. Select your TV product and choose from various alternatives, such as My Sports, Premium Plus with over 40 premium channels, or additional voice packages, via the «Packages» tab. To add these packages, please scroll down further and click on «Add packages».

Watch TV with the Sunrise TV app

Main menu

In the main menu, at the very top of the screen on TVs, and at the bottom on mobile devices, you have easy access to all available menu items.

  • In the upper right corner of the main menu (TV), you can set up and select your own channel list via your profile.  

  • Have you created several profiles? The default startup profile for a particular app can be specified in the settings.


The start page helps you find interesting programs. Scroll down and you’ll see:

  • Popular on TV (what people are watching most now)

  • My most-watched channels Continue watching (...what you’ve already started watching)

  • Recordings

  • New films (can be rented via using a browser)

  • My Sports (you’ll need a My Sports subscription or day pass to watch this and you can sign up for / purchase it online in My Sunrise)

  • Recommended for you

Scroll down to find exciting programs, or simply continue watching programs you’ve already started under «Continue watching».

TV Guide

In the TV guide, you will find the complete program overview for all channels for the past seven days and the next seven days.

  • The white line shows the programs that are currently being shown.

  • To go to the top menu, press the «Back» button on your remote control.

  • If you press «OK» on a Replay program, it will start playing straight away. If you want to see the information or add a program to your watch list, press «...».

  • If you press «OK» on a Replay program currently being shown, you can select whether you want to watch the program from the beginning or live.

  • If you press «OK» on a program that is due to air, the program information will be displayed and you can start recording.

  • Use the «Primetime» and «Live» buttons to jump to Primetime or Live.

  • You can filter the channel according to genre.

Navigate to a program, then press and hold «OK». A context menu with additional functions, e.g., the ability to watch a live program from the beginning, will open.

Live TV

Here you can see an overview of what is currently showing on TV. In the top right corner, you can select whether all channels or just your profile-specific channels should be displayed.

TV App TV screen view for fast forward and rewind through press and hold.
Fast-forwarding and rewinding on your TV

By pressing and holding the right/left buttons, you can fast-forward or rewind a program that’s currently being shown (please note that you can obviously only rewind live TV).

The small preview thumbnails can be used to find a specific place in the program easily.

TV App TV screen view for 10- or 30-second jumps through short press.

By briefly pressing the right/left buttons, you can jump forward 30 seconds in the program you’re currently watching or back 10 seconds.

View of the live broadcast in the TV app with pause button, OK button, and rewind option.

It’s possible to rewind during a live program via «Pause». Press the «Pause» button or «OK» and then navigate to the three dots (...) and press «OK» again.

Replay TV

All the content is clearly sorted into categories such as «Comedies» and «Thrillers», which means it’s now possible to select content based on your personal interests. Within the categories, experts select and present individual programs based on their theme. This makes it easy to find the latest episodes of popular medical dramas or the latest sitcom.

No network coverage on a plane or no data roaming to stream your favorite program in the country you’re travelling to? No problem. All the programs that are available on Replay can be downloaded onto a mobile device (mobile, tablet) and watched offline (i.e., without a data connection). To do so, select the details page for the program you want to watch in the Sunrise TV App on your mobile device (e.g., via the TV Guide) and click on the icon with the three dots. For live broadcasts, you’ll have to wait until the program has finished.

Movies & series

In this section, you can find a selection of current popular movies and series available to rent. If your TV subscription includes free movies and series, you will also find these in this section. Click a program to see more details about it.

Important: Movies and series can only be rented via the Sunrise TV Box and at However, you can also watch rented content via the Sunrise TV app.

Saved / Recordings

All of your saved content is available in this section:


Here you can see your recordings as well as the percentage of cloud memory that has been used up. If you would like to schedule or delete recordings, click «Edit» and follow the instructions.

Continue watching

Programs and movies that you have not yet watched to the end can be found in this section. You can continue watching these programs or delete them via the «Edit» function.


All programs and movies that you have added to your watchlist are saved here. Click «Edit» to make changes to the list.


This section contains all the movies and series you are renting. Below the preview box, you can see how long each program is available for.

Downloads (only on mobile devices)

Locally downloaded programs are shown here.

Details on programs

Each program has a detail page that contains information on the program’s plot, length, language (subtitles and audio) and much more.

Different options are available to you depending on whether you watch a program via live TV, OnDemand or Replay.

Press and hold «Start» on a program that’s currently being shown to watch it from the beginning.

Frequently asked questions about using the app

While watching a program, you can click the action menu (button with three dots), select the «Subtitles» or «Audio» option and set the desired language.

If you are making the changes via your smartphone, click the speech bubble at the top of the screen and then select «Subtitles» or «Audio» to set the desired language.

Please check first whether your Internet connection is ok. If there is no network disruption, close the app completely and restart it.

Android TV: via "Force stop".
Apple TV: press the Home button 2x, then close the app via "Swipe up".

If you use a VPN service, the app will not work, as it must be ensured that the Sunrise TV app is used from Switzerland.


With the Replay function, you can watch programs that were broadcast on TV in the last 7 days. Simply click the Replay symbol or directly click the desired program to do so.

Please note

For legal reasons, you are only able to watch programs with Replay once this feature has been activated, i.e., the full 7 days of Replay will only be available 7 days after activation.


The Startover function allows you to watch programs that are currently being shown on TV but have already started. Simply go to the respective program and click «Watch from beginning» to watch it from the start.

Using the Sunrise TV App abroad

TV abroad

You can watch shows on replay or as a recording wherever you are in the world.

Due to existing transmission and broadcasting rights only shows from the 280 channels of the Sunrise TV basic package can be viewed on the Sunrise TV App while you’re abroad.

Live TV, as well as channels from additional options (e.g., Premium Plus or Canal+), and movies and series available for individual viewing (Video On Demand) can only be watched within Switzerland for legal reasons

The quality of the services provided outside Switzerland may not correspond to the quality available and applicable in Switzerland.

Note: Please be aware that video streaming uses a large amount of mobile data, which may incur high roaming costs. Find out more

Service options only for mobile/tablet

Certain options are only available to you if you are using the Sunrise TV app on your smartphone or tablet.
Switching devices

Since the Sunrise TV app is synchronized with your TV Box, you can switch the device you are watching on at any time.

Were you watching a program on your TV set, for example, and you would now like to watch the rest of it on the go on your smartphone or tablet? To do so, simply open the program in the Sunrise TV app and click «Watch on this device».

If you started watching a program on your smartphone or tablet and now want to resume it on your TV set, click «Watch on TV».

Switching devices is also possible with Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast.

Mobile remote

You can also use your smartphone as a remote control. Simply click the remote icon. Use the «Back» button or the arrow symbol in the upper left corner to return to the TV view.


Google Chromecast is a streaming media player (dongle) that is plugged into the HDMI port of your screen or television.

Set up the Chromecast for your Wi-Fi (WLAN) and get started. Click on the Chromecast button in the Sunrise TV app to pair your smart device with the large TV set.

The TV content is transferred from the Internet to the Smart TV. Conveniently navigate through the television offering on your tablet, smartphone or laptop and enjoy the big-screen experience.

Additional help topics for the Sunrise TV app

Some channels do not allow the Replay function for certain programs. In this case, Replay is deactivated for this program and so it cannot be played again after it has been broadcast. Startover TV (starting a current program over from the beginning) will also not work in this case.

On up to 5 devices at the same time (maximum of 3 pay TV channels and 1 My Sports channel). 

This means that you can watch your favorite movie in the living room while your children are watching cartoons in their room.

There may be a number of reasons for this:

Network connection not ideal

The video quality depends on your network connection. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, the signal may vary. If the bandwidth is not adequate, the video will adjust by lowering the quality. Please check on our website at whether there is a network disruption in your area, or re-start the video or programme you were watching.

Frame rate not ideal

Video streaming with the Sunrise TV app is optimized for a frame rate of 25/50 frames per second. Some streaming devices, such as Apple TV, Nvidia Shield or MiBox, are set to 30/60 frames per second by default. The frame rate for these devices should be changed to 25/50 frames per second.

Settings on your TV set

Some TV sets have their own settings for optimizing videos, and these may affect the video quality. Please check the settings on your TV set and adjust them if necessary.