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New rules for Replay TV

The Common Tariffs determine the copyright fees that we as distributors must pay for protected content (films, music, texts, etc.). The availability of Replay on all channels and the general viewing of time-shifted television in Switzerland is regulated under «Common Tariff 12» (GT12).

In Switzerland, the selection of TV programs on Replay TV that can be viewed with a time delay of up to seven days is above average. Replay TV is becoming increasingly popular and is being used more frequently. TV viewers are skipping ads more often as well. However, advertising revenue is extremely important to TV channels as it enables them to finance their programs and in-house productions. For TV channels, this development not only threatens their existence, but also the diversity of programs broadcast in Switzerland.

To be able to continue offering the popular Replay TV function, the entire TV industry has agreed on a compromise that is regulated under the new industry agreement on the implementation of GT12.

On which channels will replay advertising be shown at the start?

At the start of the new forms of advertising, around 19 of the largest German-speaking TV channels will show replay advertising. On all other channels, customers can continue to use 7-day replay, fast-forward commercial breaks and do not need to watch replay advertising. No French-speaking channels and no Italian-speaking channels are affected. 

What does this mean for customers?

Customers will now be shown Replay ads on channels participating in the industry agreement if they:

  • watch a Replay program

  • restart a program from the beginning (start-over)

  • watch recorded programs within the first seven days

  • press pause when watching a program live, in Replay or in recordings

What is a Replay ad?

Customers will now be shown Replay ads on participating channels that cannot be skipped.

The following new advertising forms will be used:

The following new advertising forms will be used:

Which functions are affected?

In principle, time-shifted television viewing is affected. This includes the following features:

  • Replay (incl. start-over)

  • Recordings (within the first seven days)

  • Live pause

What are my options as a customer?

Customers can continue to use seven days of Replay with their normal TV subscription. Replay ads will be played on participating channels. Nothing will change on all other channels.

Customers who do not want to watch these ads can upgrade. With the Skip Ads option, you no longer need to watch Replay ads and can skip ad breaks with one click.

How do I get the Skip Ads option?

The Skip Ads option can be added as an additional option for CHF 7.90/month without a minimum contract period. The easiest way to subscribe to the Skip Ads option is directly on your Sunrise TV in the TV Shop app. This allows you to skip the Replay ads immediately.

Important: The new Replay advertising will be rolled out to customers in phases. You can book the Skip Ads option in the TV Shop app on the box as soon as the new replay ads are visible on your Sunrise TV.

You can also subscribe to the Skip Ads option under My Sunrise

Our agents will of course also help you to get the option activated. 

Do you have any questions?

Visit our Help Center.

CHF 7.90 per month 

No, it can be cancelled on a monthly basis. 

No, one subscription per household is sufficient and is activated on all devices. 

There is only the possibility to subscribe to the Skip Ads-Option in our portfolio in order to avoid Replay advertising.  

Customers can continue to watch Replay TV as usual on most TV channels. Currently, only around 19 German and Swiss private television channels are planning on using the new advertising options (including RTL, Sat1, Pro 7, 3+ etc.). (See channel list.) 

Nothing will change on these channels. 

All channels are free to join or withdraw from the industry agreement at any time. 

Yes, UPC customers can also subscribe to the Skip Ads option. The easiest way to do this is directly on the TV (see instructions) or our agents will be happy to help.