Access free maps and plans for your project or development.

We know preparation is crucial when you are planning a development or excavation. That’s why we’ve compiled an online information service, where you can access free plans and maps for your projects.

How to register

Firstly, let’s identify how you will be using the service. We’ve broken this into two types: occasional, and permanent users.

1. Occasional users

Suitable for: Developers, Landowners, Landscape gardeners, Architects

Occasional users enter their contact information every time they wish to access plans. They then automatically receive password-free online access to the service, and can obtain a limited number of plans.

2. Permanent users

Suitable for: Architects, Engineers, Developers

Permanent users apply for password-protected, unlimited online access to the service. After the registration has been checked and approved by us, your permanent user account will be activated.

For all long-term users with optional DXF export

Further information to download

Cadastral information_04_2016 (PDF - 0.2 MB)

General terms of use (PDF - 0.5 MB)