Business IP VPN

Business IP VPN

The secure and efficient way to connect your sites

Challenges for your company

Many Wide Area Network (WAN) solution provider are unable to guarantee a stable network. The reason for that in many cases is an old technology since small providers or own ressources do not have the time to know the current state-of-the-art possibilities. Breakdowns and security lacks are the result and they can become very costly and dangerous for companies. Cost transparecy and the unknown saving potential are further challegenes IT repsonsibles face even though this is an important issue especially in Sitzerland.

What is IP VPN?

Business IP VPN is a data service that enables the networking of decentralized company locations. The name actually says it all:

  • With Business IP VPN, your data moves on the private MPLS high-performance network of Sunrise (Multi Protocol Label Switching), separate from the publicly accessible Internet. This way we can guarantee the necessary private sphere and transfer quality for the data transfer. Your entire network is monitored 24 hours a day by our specialists. The result: Business IP VPN offers security and availability at all times.
  • With Business IP VPN, the data transfer is based on the Internet protocol. We use cutting-edge network components from leading manufacturers. This way we can guarantee efficiency, flexibility and scalability. And it puts us in a position to configure a customized network of your locations.

Who stands to benefit most from Business IP VPN?

Any company with two or more geographically separate locations would benefit from using Business IP VPN for permanent and reliable location networking. It also optionally enables your employees to gain secure access to your company network while on the move as well as secure central Internet access.

You only pay for what you really need

If you are looking to securely connect company locations with individual performance specifications, then Business IP VPN is the most cost-effective solution. You decide for yourself the level of performance you need. Depending on your requirements, various connection technologies and bandwidths are available to you as well as different additional services. If your requirements change, the service be adapted quickly and flexibly to your business requirements.