Innovative solutions for data networks, from desktops up through to data centre

The pressure is on businesses to enhance their efficiency and quality of service. To meet these demands, businesses increasingly decide to expand their communication services. They are faced with the challenge of adapting their information and communication systems to current standards and technologies. This is done, for example, in the field of real-time applications and in regard to the required system reliability and availability.

The networks used today for the processing of voice, data and video traffic seek to enable ubiquitous access to communication and collaboration tools and to information as quickly as possible. Sunrise Integration Services offers the appropriate infrastructure solution. The best technologies of the leading technology manufacturers coupled with our extensive experience in designing and installing networks and services, enable us to develop solutions that meet your individual needs. Our local area networks, wide area networks and metropolitan area networks (LAN/WAN/MAN) facilitate the use of end-to-end solutions for desktops workstations, mobile employees/business travellers and your data centre.

All our customers are unique - and so are our solutions. Because we adapt our solutions to meet the requirements of businesses and seek to ensure that our customers benefit from the most cost-efficient and environment-friendly solutions.