Wide Area Networks

High-performance and reliable communication with a WAN

The success of a business depends on its ability to respond quickly to the dynamics of the market and the needs of its customers. The same flexibility is also required of corporate networks.

When a network expands, the volume of data which must be processed increases at the same time: the number of business-critical applications and real time data as well as voice and video data is growing continuously. The need for network reliability increases with every newly-added application. An unreliable and unpredictable network hinders users in their work and turns into a liability rather than an asset.

Our extensive experience shows that performance and reliability problems are hardly solved by a higher data flow rate. This approach is also more costly. Companies can also outsource their wide area network (WAN). However, this is also a very costly option, and the solutions available in the market are usually inflexible and difficult to adjust.

Sunrise Integration Services helps you circumvent these problems and still maintain control of your network. Our experts will support you in the design, installation, management and optimisation of a solution which will make your network more predictable and reduce your costs.

Our experts are at your service from the first audit. We will provide comprehensive advice in developing your individual solution and our managed service, which can help you, e.g. to monitor your network, detect and analyse errors in the network. We can provide optimal support for your IT team, or if you like, also take full charge of the administration of your network.