Content Security

Protecting the integrity of your business data

Managing the integrity of web traffic, be it e-mail, instant messaging, streaming or online business applications, is a constant challenge. Content Security protects your business against spam and viruses and prevents access to malicious web content.

The reality of today’s networks is that they often carry both essential business information as well as unwanted recreational content. Unauthorised traffic can open the door for malware, bandwidth-hogging personal applications and loss of confidential information.

Content Security solutions and services by Sunrise Integration Services aim to keep control over network and web traffic. Content filtering for e-mails (SMTP) and other web traffic (HTTP, HTTPS) protects your business against viruses, worms, spam, spyware, phishing and adware. Content Security solutions also filter, clean or block active Web content, instant messaging and streaming media.

In addition, our solutions ensure the proper use of web tools by end users. E-mail encryption makes sure that messages get through with their integrity and confidentiality intact.