Network & Zone Security

Reduce the risk of unauthorised access to our network

Unauthorised access via WAN, LAN or WLAN represents one of the greatest risks to corporate network security. Sunrise Integration Services ensures that your network remains secure by regularly checking the various network processes and the network structure by means of tried and tested technology.

We also provide support for the enhancement of your technologies management designed to improve your control of network access, authorisation processes and network segments and at the same time reduce failures of the network design and enable redundancies. Our load balancing system ensures an even spread of the loads to prevent system downtimes.

When unmanaged PCs are allowed unchecked network access, businesses and their data are at their most vulnerable to attacks by worms, viruses and other malware.

Sunrise Integration Services integrates network access control (NAC) solutions into all WAN, LAN and WLAN networks. An additionally integrated authorisation system (802.1X) checks the individual network accesses. Based on the information gathered, client devices can be updated, cleansed or rejected automatically, without user or administrator intervention.

Also critical to ensuring network security are intrusion detection systems or intrusion prevention systems (IDS/IPS). These applications monitor unidentified and potentially damaging events on the network and terminal devices and compare them with a pre-defined security policy. In the event of a deviation, the systems notify the corresponding alarm system.