Secure Mobility

Protecting the mobile solutions in your business

Providing ubiquitous access of employees to business networks and data via mobile terminal devices enhances their productivity and has therefore become an important asset of contemporary businesses. At the same time, it increases the risk of unauthorised access to the networks.

Sunrise Integration Services security systems offer protection for your mobility solutions to safeguard the hassle-free mobility of your employees. Business Sunrise Integration Services’ multi-layered solutions are adapted to the individual security policies of companies, protect the data flow of mobile devices and infrastructures and implement an efficient management system.

Our multi-layered strategy provides protection for every component in the modular structure of contemporary mobility solutions:

Secure data transmission

VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses encryption and authorisation to ensure secure transmission of data via the Internet and hence complies with the applicable security requirements. Mobile employees are able - via any IP-based connection (WiFi, GPRS or 3G) - to create a VPN tunnel (IPSEC or SSL) to a secure VPN gateway using their mobile devices. A VPN tunnel is a secure connection to the company network, permitting secure access to internal information and applications.

Security of applications

The security standard required for applications is ensured by a so-called DMZ (demilitarised zone) architecture, which includes a firewall, a proxy server, an intrusion detection system (IDS) und intrusion prevention system (IPS) as well as a related patching and monitoring system. Web traffic is protected by a reverse proxy and its integrated Internet firewall.


Uniform, binding security policies must be generated for all mobile terminals that are connected to the company network and transmit and store internal business data. These policies and special software enabling ubiquitous access to and processing of internal business data are necessary accessories on the road to any proactive management system.

Individual security policies

Though our mobility solutions are largely designed to meet the requirements of their users, they always predicate strict and uniform policies to which employees have to adhere in the event of loss or theft of mobile terminals. In case of a loss, for example, employees have to report to their security division or device supplier, who will in turn deactivate the device and delete the data on the device by means of pre-installed software or block access to the data.