DDoS Attack Protection


DDoS attacks 
Every organization is at risk.

Every company and organization is online in one way or another and is therefore at risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack. The Swiss Confederation Reporting and Analysis Center for Information Assurance provides warnings of such attacks and recommends that companies obtain adequate protection. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that take your organization offline are becoming more and more frequent, clever, and targeted. DDoS attacks can be purchased affordably online as a service. This makes it easy for your competitors to severely disrupt your business operations.

Companies and organizations that operate online shops or offer online administrative, government, banking, or media services are particularly at risk. Unavailability leads to direct added costs, such as revenue and productivity losses, and indirect costs, such as damage to a company's reputation.

Business DDoS protection 
The flexible service from Sunrise

Business DDoS protection continuously monitors your Internet access, learning what your normal network traffic looks like. Business DDoS protection recognizes and fends off DDoS threats in the Sunrise Internet backbone, before your Internet connection or IT systems become overloaded.

You will immediately be informed if suspicious network activity is detected. If the anomaly is a DDoS attack, you will have the opportunity to fend it off immediately yourself using a high-performance web GUI system. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the services of our specialists around the clock.

You choose the services in your network that you want to protect. Business DDoS protection can be flexibly adapted to fit the needs of your organization. You'll also notice this flexibility in your cost structure, since you only pay for what you need at a fixed monthly rate.

Data protection made in Switzerland

In the event of an attack, all network traffic will be redirected to a "cleaning center" in Switzerland. All data remains in the Sunrise network (AS6730) and thus in Switzerland. Most DDoS protection services send all network traffic abroad when fending off an attack.

Further information on Business DDoS protection

You'll find more detailed information about our Business DDoS protection service in our flyer:

Many organizations receive the best possible protection from Sunrise

Various companies and organizations use our Business DDoS protection service to ensure they will never be forced offline:

·         Swiss banks and international universal and private banks

·         Logistics companies

·         E-commerce companies

·         Transport logistics companies

·         IT and communication companies

·         Government agencies

·         International organizations

·         And many other companies and organizations

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