Semantic Networks
with 5G
Expert knowledge and virtual reality

Semantic Networks

Semantic networks are giant knowledge databases. What is special about them is that they contain terms as well as the relationship of the terms to each other. It initially sounds abstract but has enormous practical advantages. If the terms stand for specific objects, devices, or machines, they are a whole, and its parts are related to each other. The easiest example is a complex system and its spare parts or components.


Practical benefit of semantic networks with 5G

The practical benefit is that service technicians can work with it anywhere when doing repairs or maintenance. One scenario is the replacement of parts with the help of VR glasses. With 5G, the technician sees all components in his/her field of vision in real time. The required information, such as installation or removal instructions, is projected onto the glasses as needed.


Small cells in semantic networking

In this scenario, small cells are useful again for exchanging data with the data center. If they are installed in close proximity to the work site, they yield ultra-short latency in conjunction with a minimum use of power. This allows the service technician to work more efficiently in real time without any delays caused by having to search for things and ensures high customer satisfaction with the service provider due to short maintenance times and therefore lower costs.

Use Cases – 5G in real life

Here we are showing you potential applications and scenarios that will convey what 5G will mean for us – in a realistic and practice-oriented way. Join us on our discovery tour!

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