Networking everywhere –
5G makes it possible

The 5G networking through Sunrise

Dead spots happened yesterday – with 5G, we are striding seamlessly into the digital future. Indeed, from the construction site and the Smart City to the integration of rural areas! The technology is mature, and we at Sunrise are working on the infrastructure at full steam.

The ideal of comprehensive networking and data exchange in real time requires a seamless exchange between transmitter and receiver. What's also special about 5G is the fact that a single connection in small spaces can unite extremely low latency with the best data quality and energy efficiency.

To do so, data streams have to be taken from large multi-antenna systems to small spatial units (hot spots) or through walls in offices and residential units. In this scenario, the integration of so far undeveloped spaces plays an important role. Because that is the only way to obtain a seamless network that opens the new digital world to all target groups.

Sunrise has already established itself as a trailblazer in Switzerland. An engagement our customers benefit from all the way.


Next step - 5G network reception inside buildings

We're looking further into the future, however, as we push on with the «Wired to Wireless Transformation» that will replace landline-based services with wireless services. To this end, we plan to launch products that work both with and without additional exterior antennas. Such products will appeal to businesses of all sizes, while Sunrise in-house 5G coverage will replace existing Wi-Fi services and thus ultimately the redundant associated infrastructure as well. Business locations will benefit from noticeably faster, more flexible, and more economical Internet and connectivity services, such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPNs.


Use Cases – 5G in real life

Here we are showing you potential applications and scenarios that will convey what 5G will mean for us – in a realistic and practice-oriented way. Join us on our discovery tour!

5G – implementing the world of tomorrow together

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