Business DDOS protection

Protection against cyber crime

Ensures continuous availability of your Internet business: the shield against DDOS attacks

Is your company's business model based partly or entirely on the Internet? With Business DDOS protection through Sunrise, you get an effective, easy-to-use - but still affordable - shield that protects you from potential DDOS attacks. Ensuring that your business processes and e-commerce are available without interruption.

Ready for any emergency

In a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack, hackers aim at crucial services and servers, attempting to disable them and block end customers' access to them. For example, an attack might target e-commerce servers, bombarding them with useless data. In a DDOS attack, the hacker either brings down the competition or extorts protection money. Attempted attacks by hackers and criminal organizations are growing worldwide. Business DDOS protection increases the reliability of your e-commerce services and reduces the risk of revenue losses due to cyber crime at the same time.