Pocket WiFi - Your mobile Internet

Take it with you, turn it on and work wherever you are.

Sunrise 4G+ pocket WiFi provides the perfect solution for business customers who work in the office as well as away from the office. Simply take your pocket WiFi with you and instantly set up a mobile office for your team. Whether or not your employees are consultants and regularly work at customer offices with limited and unsecured guest access to the Internet, or you need to set up a temporary office at construction site containers or event structures and stagings – simply turn on your pocket WiFi and connect up to 32 devices using a WiFi connection. 

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Take it anywhere to provide unlimited Internet access for up to 32 devices
  • High-speed connection up to 300 Mbit/s on the best mobile network in Switzerland
  • Powerful battery with up to 25 hours of run time at full usage
  • Integrated LAN connection (RJ45) to connect PCs or network printers
  • Use pocket WiFi even as a charging station for all your portable devices.

With our Sunrise mobile Internet subscriptions, you can use the pocket WiFi on the best mobile network in Switzerland without having to worry about the cost. With a Sunrise mobile Internet unlimited subscription, you get the device for only CHF 1.00 (with no mobile plan: CHF 145.00), which includes unlimited speed of 300 Mbit/s in Switzerland and 1 GB of data use in Roaming Region 1 per month (Europe, U.S., Canada). Visit sunrise.ch/business/mobileinternet for more information on our data subscriptions

Don't bother with an expensive cable connection for temporary offices or complicated logins to unsecured guest WLANs anymore. Simply take the pocket WiFi along with you and work securely wherever you are!