Staying connected while working at construction sites

The growing importance of modern communication solutions in the construction industry

24/7 connectivity is an integral part of today’s working world. Anyone working in an office considers continuous Internet access a given. But there are other workplaces as well, mobile ones in particular, where professionals need to be connected to each other, to the company’s headquarters or to external parties: construction sites are an example. Stable, easily accessible connections are indispensable – not only between people, but increasingly between devices linked to the Internet of Things.

Sunrise now offers the new “4G+ Pocket WiFi” for temporary workplaces outdoors or for buildings without a landline connection, which allows the instant setup of a mobile hotspot. Mobile Internet access at construction sites helps employees stay on top of projects and facilitates communication on the premises.

Mobile hotspot

The device required for this is very handy – just a bit bigger than a pack of cigarettes – and fits into any pocket. In the blink of an eye, it can set up a reliable WiFi network that can be used simultaneously by up to 32 devices – PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones as well as connected devices, such as state-of-the-art thermostats, lighting systems and motion sensors. There is no longer any reason to access public WiFi networks, which are often unsecure, unreliable and slow. Also, there is no longer a need to drain smartphone batteries by tethering to create small WiFi hotspots. The 4G+ Pocket WiFi is designed from the ground up to translate a mobile network signal into a strong WiFi network.

In addition to business owners and supervisors, civil engineers and architects may also be interested in this offer from Sunrise. When people visit a construction site, instant plug & play Internet access can be set up for small or large on-site teams. The hotspot can remain installed for some time or can be taken along, as needed.

As Thomas Meier, of Meier AG Leitungs- und Tiefbau [Line and Civil Engineering] in Wilen SZ, sees it, the mobile Internet is gaining in popularity at construction sites. He maintains that “what’s important is a high data transmission rate”. Since the 4G+ Pocket WiFi accesses the prominent Sunrise mobile network, which was the test winner in the prestigious “connect” test, high speed and stability are ensured – entirely without cable.

Maximum independence

The advantage of a mobile hotspot is obvious to Thomas Meier. “You can work at a construction site just like at any office – it’s fast, its easy and there is no need to install anything.” This allows architects, for example, to send new or modified drawings directly to the construction site where they can be viewed by the responsible people on-site. There is no need to crowd around one PC. Instead, employees can review drawings on their own personal devices. 

Sunrise 4G+ Pocket WiFi is also ideal for project coordination, placing orders and reporting at construction sites. Thomas Meier, of Meier AG, also sees opportunities for the use of cameras. “In addition to PCs, cameras can also be connected to the mobile network.” This opens up opportunities, for example, to document construction progress or to observe a complicated work step remotely. In summary, the mobile solutions available from Sunrise make processes at construction sites noticeably easier.

Your personal hotspot: Sunrise 4G+ Pocket WiFi

With your own personal hotspot from Sunrise, you and your team can use the mobile Internet without any limits on the best mobile network in Switzerland. Up to 32 devices can connect to the hotspot simultaneously via WiFi. The hotspot, incl. an according subscription, costs less than CHF 1.00 per day. It also comes with a cable loop that can be used to charge mobile phones or tablets.

  • Pocket size 4G+ hotspot
  • Can also be used as a charger for smartphones and tablets
  • According to “connect”, OpenSignal and Ookla, Sunrise has the best and fastest mobile network in Switzerland.
  • Price including subscription: CHF 25.00/month

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