Take your hotspot with you on customer visits.

Work independently with the “4G+ Pocket WiFi” from Sunrise.

Professionals who work outside the office or go on customer visits can set up their own Internet access at those locations for sales discussions and presentations: Fast, stable, and secure.

The digital revolution has brought radical change to our society. You could almost say that it has shaken it to its foundations. In today’s world, almost nothing happens without access to the Internet. No one knows this better than professionals who are frequently on the road visiting customers.

While WLAN access is available for visitors at some companies, logging into it is often complicated, with unstable connections, time limits for its use and questions about security.

It gets especially complicated if your own company’s internal rules do not allow you to log into another company’s WLAN. This applies in particular to auditors, lawyers or corporate and communications consultants who deal with confidential or secret data.

Convenient and practical

There is now a solution to this dilemma – the new “4G+ Pocket WiFi” product from Sunrise. Now you will never again have to be without access to the Internet or the ability to work collaboratively with others. You can even log into your own company’s system remotely, which is of particular importance to employees who work remotely at customer sites on a regular basis and for long periods of time and need to be connected with their own company.

No matter where you are at any given time, quick access to the Internet is guaranteed, and you can surf the Internet as part of a presentation at a customer’s location. While the motto used to be “bring your own device,” it is now “bring your own access” – conveniently and practically.

Having a reliable connection to the mobile network is the only prerequisite. But with Sunrise, you have access to the best network in Switzerland. So nothing can go wrong.

Claudio Beltrametti, Product Marketing Manager at Sunrise, highlights the security aspect, as well as the efficiency and reliability of the system. “The device is ready for use anywhere very quickly,” he says. There is no testing, confirming or waiting required. With the Sunrise “4G+ Pocket WiFi” product, you can get to work immediately without the need to connect to a foreign network. You know what you’re getting and are completely independent of a customer’s IT infrastructure. There are no surprises.

For many professional groups, it is not recommended for security reasons that they log into external WLANs in the first place. With the LAN interface, you can even connect to a local printer, for example, ensuring your independence in this area as well.

Professional impression

Anyone who brings their own secure infrastructure along demonstrates that they are not willing to experiment. And this conveys the impression that you attach great importance to a high level of security. Not only do you give the impression of being up-to-date with the latest technology when you set up your own network in front of a customer, but you also appear very professional. In many cases, employees of banks or law firms are not permitted to use external networks due to internal company compliance requirements, even if they spend longer periods of time at customers’ offices.

The device you need is no bigger than a smartphone and weighs just 185 grams. This makes it easy to tuck your own hotspot device into your jacket pocket or briefcase – while having your “own” Internet and WLAN at any time.

The “4G+ Pocket WiFi” device has a battery capacity of 6400 mAh. It uses very little power and can therefore stay on for a very long time. If an entire team of people works at a customer site, up to 32 devices – computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones – can be connected to the Pocket WLAN. In an emergency, the device can even be used as a power bank to charge a smartphone or other device.

Your personal hotspot: Sunrise 4G+ Pocket WiFi

With your own personal hotspot from Sunrise, you and your team can use the mobile Internet without any limits on the best mobile network in Switzerland. Up to 32 devices can connect to the hotspot simultaneously via WiFi. The hotspot, incl. an according subscription, costs less than CHF 1.00 per day. It also comes with a cable loop that can be used to charge mobile phones or tablets.

  • Pocket size 4G+ hotspot
  • Can also be used as a charger for smartphones and tablets
  • According to “connect”, OpenSignal and Ookla, Sunrise has the best and fastest mobile network in Switzerland.
  • Price including subscription: CHF 25.00/month

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