Business data alert

Keep your high Internet costs abroad under control

Notifications via SMS: Full cost control when surfing abroad on business trips

Anyone who surfs the Internet while abroad may be shocked to receive such a high bill upon their return. Sunrise always offers the best possible rates and notifies you and your employees with timely Business data alerts via SMS as soon as you reach or exceed a certain amount. Two security levels give you more efficient cost control that protects you against excessive costs.

Two security levels for total cost control

  • As soon as you use up CHF 50.–, 100.– and 200.– worth of roaming data volume abroad, the Business Sunrise data alert comes into play and you will be informed automatically by SMS of the costs to date.
  • If you nevertheless reach a roaming data volume of CHF 300.–, data traffic will be blocked immediately to protect you and/or your company. You can release this block yourself by SMS.

    Please keep in mind that once you remove call barring, you will not receive any further alerts until the end of the month.

And that’s the way how it functions:    
You want to deactivate Sunrise data alert?
Just text “STOP” to 3310.
You want to reactivate Sunrise data alert?
Just text “START” to 3310.
You want to lift the blocking for mobile surfing abroad?
Just text “UNBLOCK” to 3310.
You want to receive more information about Sunrise data alert?
Just text “INFO” to 3310.

Good to know

  • Sunrise data alert is based on the standard prices in your mobile price plan.
  • If you purchased a Sunrise travel data pack, you will receive an SMS informing you that you have used 50% or 100% of the package, instead of the global Sunrise data alert. Depending on your Sunrise Cockpit settings (, data roaming will either be blocked or you can continue to surf at standard rates once your package has been used up.
  • If you have subscribed to the Business flat europe flat rate and/or the roam like home option, you will receive the corresponding Business flat europe or roam like home alert instead of the global Sunrise data alert. The alert is sent as soon as you have used up the inclusive volume in your subscription in the corresponding countries. Once the credit included in your package has been used up or in countries where no credit is included, you will receive the Sunrise data alert described.
  • Multicard users: While an active Multicard is always used for voice telephony, it can also be used for data communication. If it is, you’ll receive the Sunrise data alert. You can continue to use other (“inactive”) Multicards on laptops (abroad, too). However, for inactive Multicards Sunrise data alert is not available.