Sunrise Cockpit

Complete control of your Internet use while abroad

The Cockpit that gives you complete control of your roaming Internet rates

Sunrise Cockpit offers you complete cost control when you use the Internet while abroad: At, you can see an overview of the costs incurred and packages already purchased. And you can also purchase additional data or voice packages at any time. Sunrise Cockpit is a website that you can access free of charge at any time from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Take off and open

  • The connection is free of charge. No costs are incurred, either in Switzerland or abroad.
  • You will receive the link to the cockpit by SMS message with the rate information while abroad.

Full cost control

  1. Current costs: In the Sunrise Cockpit, you can see the accrued data roaming charges (no display of call minutes) and the remaining amount in real time. In addition, you see the rate at which you are currently surfing.
  2. If you use a data package, you can see its period of validity and remaining allowance.
  3. You can set it to restrict data roaming to data packages only. Cost control of data roaming:

    Switch right (green): Surfing is blocked if you have no remaining roaming data allowance (in your monthly rate plan or additional purchased packages/options). We recommend this setting for your cost protection.

    Switch left (gray): You'll continue surfing even after your monthly included roaming data allowance is used up (in your monthly rate plan or additional purchased packages/options). Important: Usage will be billed based on roaming prices for your mobile subscription.    

Purchase data packages

  • You can purchase attractive data and voice packages directly from the Sunrise Cockpit before your departure, as well as while abroad.
  • The data packages are valid for three months after purchase and start only when you first use data roaming. The data packages end when the data allowance has been used up or the time has expired, whichever occurs first.
  • You receive an SMS message when you have used half of the data volume and when you have used up the data volume. You can then purchase a new package. Purchased data and voice packages are billed on your Sunrise bill.