Business Alarming Service

Smart alarm and lone worker protection

Are you looking for a professional alarm solution that doesn’t require a dedicated infrastructure? Do you want a flexible alarm system that adapts dynamically to your user numbers and needs? Only want to pay for what you actually use?

Then we’ve got the solution for you! Business Alarming Service by nova-CLOUD provides you with an innovative and high-availability alarm solution. You can receive and activate alarms at any time via the novaalert mobileAPP, phone, SMS, PC workstation, browser,
e-mail or panic button. Individual alarm recipients or predefined groups can be defined for each alarm. If the alarm isn’t acknowledged by the alarm recipients, a sophisticated escalation management system ensures that additional alarm recipients are contacted until the predefined number of required persons has been reached.

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Why Business Alarming Service?
Benefits for your business:

Automatically recognizes dangerous situations and thereby protects lone workers

Informs, alerts and mobilizes employees and emergency personnel quickly and reliably

Monitors technical systems and increases productivity through professional incident management

Reliable applications for more mobility and flexibility

The novaalert mobileAPP for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers is easy to use and enables efficient and safe working, even in emergency situations.

Lone worker safety

  • - Use of Android smartphone with novaalert      mobileAPP as an advanced personal alarm device
  • - Activation of deliberate and automatic alarms
  • - Continuous connection monitoring to the alarm      server
  • - Indoor and outdoor fine localization


Alarm activation in the event of an attack
or other threats at the workplace

  • - Silent alarm via keypad combination at PC      workstation
  • - Panic alarm via emergency button
  • - Integrated localization feature
  • - Display of action and building plan
  • - Alarm activation via novaalert mobileAPP,
  •   PC workstation, SMS, e-mail or phone


Light system and fire alarms

  • - Local connection of serial interfaces
  • - Redundant network connection via      novaCONNECTOR


Incident management

  • - Alarm signaling through potential-free contacts
  • - Alarm activation via novaalert mobileAPP, PC      workstation, SMS, e-mail or phone
  • - Acknowledgement and escalation features


Function overview


Other benefits

  • Sequential or parallel alerting of persons

  • Manual acknowledgement and feedback for the alarm activator

  • Flexible design of alarm processes

  • Detailed recording of all processes

  • No on-site infrastructure necessary

  • Highest system availability through redundant infrastructure

  • Guaranteed availability of 99.99%*

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