How to use the extra SIM Business

If you order a Sunrise mobile subscription, you will receive the extra SIM Business free of charge. In addition to your Master SIM card, we will send you the respective extra SIM(s) Business to your home.

Step 1
What does the cardholder look like?

Step 2
Where are your cards stored in the cardholder?

Master SIM card

The card holder contains your Master SIM card. It is stored in the card holder as follows:

extra SIM Business

The card holder contains your extra SIM(s) Business. Unfold the card holder and the cards are stored as follows:

Step 3
What do the cards look like?

Master SIM card

The Master SIM card is used to use your mobile subscription on your smartphone. It looks like this:

extra SIM Business

The extra SIM Business is used to use your tablets and laptops and requires no PIN query. It looks like this:

Step 4
With which card do I use which device?