Always on. Always safe.
With Sunrise MDM Solutions, your company has full control of mobile devices, apps and content.

Sunrise Mobile Device Management provides corporate security for the mobile framework

Through MobileIron® platform, Sunrise offers to its business customers a state-of-the-art MDM solution. Companies can choose between a cloud-based or on premise model, with service packs ranging from basic to advanced service options according to their corporate needs.

Secure protection of sensitive corporate data even on private mobile devices

Today more and more employees use their own mobile devices for business and corporate purposes. However, because most employees have different devices on which different apps are loaded, there is an increasing risk that sensitive company data may fall into the wrong hands due to unsecured software. With the Sunrise MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution, private and business data on one device is strictly separated and company data is securely managed.

With Sunrise MDM Solutions you can
  • Secure Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10 devices using a single console

  • Provision a secure workspace with the apps and services people need to be productive

  • Separate business from personal data to protect company information and employee privacy

  • Remotely wipe corporate data whenever a device is lost, stolen, or retired

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