Mobile Service Management
Simply manage and optimize everything around your mobile services and hardware
Mobile Service Management

Mobile Service Management is an online mobile service portal for our Business customers to manage everything around mobile subscriptions. It is accessible anytime, anywhere and provides you with autonomy and flexibility to independently manage the subscription base, SIM cards, hardware orders and much more.

  • Different operating models available, depending on specific needs

  • Simple, dynamic and adaptive graphic user interface (GUI)

  • One partner for all mobile needs (one-stop-shop)

Full control over your mobile subscriptions

If you would like your employees to be more flexible, independent and quick in managing their mobile needs, Sunrise Mobile Service Management is the optimal solution. Mobile Service Management offers an attractive pricing, is easy to use and can be customized according to your particular business needs. Sunrise Mobile Service Management is available with two different operating models:

Internal administrator
A dedicated internal administrator manages all the mobile services for your company
Direct access
Your employees have direct access to Mobile Service Management to manage their mobile needs

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