All roaming options at a glance
Monitor data usage, and purchase additional volume abroad via the Sunrise Roaming Cockpit

Simply take off and surf away with the Sunrise Roaming Cockpit

The Sunrise Roaming Cockpit travels with you and your employees on all international trips. To stay on top of things, you can always view a summary of all accrued roaming costs and the remaining credit, thus giving you total cost control and all important information at a glance.

If you need more data or calling time credit, you can easily add more voice and data packages via the Sunrise Roaming Cockpit. Access is free abroad, even without Wi-Fi.

  • Access the no-cost service portal anywhere in the world

  • Overview of your current roaming costs and the data volume you've used

  • Block data roaming once the data volume included in purchased options is used up

  • Conveniently add Business travel options before or during your international trip

Full cost control

The Sunrise Roaming Cockpit is an online service portal business customers can access at no charge and at any time from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Simply go to and enter your mobile number to  instantly get a complete overview and  manage costs and data usage abroad.

In addition, you can instantly see the surfing rate you are currently paying. If you have a data package, you can see its expiration date and the remaining data allowance. Additionally, you can determine if you want to surf the web with data packages only or at standard rates as well – regardless whether your data volume is already included in your mobile subscription or you purchased it separately.

All  data and voice packages are included in your regular Sunrise bill. If your employer has activated credit card payments, you can even purchase roaming options using your personal or business credit card.


Here's how it works

Deactivated Roaming
When roaming is deactivated, surfing is blocked if you don't have any roaming data left and aren't using a data package. We recommend this setting for your cost protection.
Activated Roaming
When roaming is activated and you're not using a data package, surfing is available even without purchased data or data included in your mobile subscription. Important: Usage is billed based on roaming rates for your mobile subscription.
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