The direct line to your customers
Location-independent business phone numbers that simplify your operations

Customer closeness. It pays. Especially on the phone.

Make sure that you are always easy to reach. Preferably at a single, location-independent phone number that can be forwarded to a landline or mobile number. 24/7 or only during specific business hours.
For your toll-free order hotline, your nationwide technical support, or your chargeable value-added service. Drive your business with our convenient business numbers.

Business numbers are not just for companies with multiple locations, they are also ideal for anyone wanting direct communication with their customers – because Sunrise business numbers are an invitation to call. We bundle all phone calls for you and forward them to the right place in your company. And the good thing about it: You decide how valuable the contact with your customers is to you. Would you like to be available around the clock?
Reduce or even completely absorb your customers' call charges? Or conveniently have us manage the billing for your service business? Sunrise offers a variety of options for your particular business model.

Be available countrywide on one number
Uniform external presence Business company 058 numbers

Give your company a unique, uniform presence, independent of its actual location. Whether they are located in Zurich, Geneva or Bern, or are available via landline or mobile phone: Every one of your employees has only one phone number starting with the 058 area code. Uniformity can also extend to mobile phone number ranges, while you determine the criteria for forwarding incoming calls. You can set these up flexibly on the Sunrise network. With the click of a mouse. Easy. Flexible.

Different billing arrangements for calls
Free for your customers
At no charge to your customers Business 0800 freecall

Demonstrate how close you are to your customers and how much you value them. Absorb your customers' call charges with a toll-free business 0800 freecall number. For your order hotline, tourist information, or ticket office. Friendly. Inviting. Lead generating.

Cost-effective standard rate
Cost-effective flat rate Business 084 x numbers

Meet your customers halfway and share the cost of calls to your company. For example, for your national customer service in Switzerland, trans-regional taxi dispatch center, or countrywide technical support line. With business 084 x numbers, you can be reached at the same uniform, location-independent number anywhere in the country. At the standard national rate. Easy to remember. Consistently good.

Our added value, your earnings
Our added value, your gain Business 090x numbers

Make it easy for yourself to earn money. Save yourself the trouble of time-consuming billing models for your valuable phone services. Have us manage the billing for your service. It's easy and convenient. For calls to Business 090x numbers, your customers pay an increased per minute rate or a mixed rate per call and per minute. The generated revenue largely benefits your company. For this, Sunrise offers various 090x number packages

  • Business 0900 market: The fee-based hotline for services that are valuable to your customers. For example, special discount promotions, expert information, or technical support.

  • Business 0901 shop: For good vibe calls. For contests, voting, dating, and more.

  • Business 0906 adult: The hot number for adult entertainment. Always in the mood for adult talk and burning ears.

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