Calling on the network of the future
Your direct connection to the Sunrise fiber optic network

The landline is dead. Long live the landline. Traditional businesses, in particular, cannot be without it. The local number is and continues to be a valuable point of contact for customers. Does this apply to you as well? If so, you’ll want to get it ready for the future. With a landline connection that meets tomorrow’s needs today. And with a technology that lets you easily link your existing infrastructure to the network of the future. Welcome to Business voice direct.

Business voice direct is the landline for everyone who doesn't want to miss their connection into the future – at an affordable price. If you select Business voice direct, you are choosing a smooth transition to tomorrow's VoIP telephony. Whether you prefer to keep your existing ISDN phone equipment or plan to switch to a new VoIP phone system. Your wish is our command. We make sure that you and your staff stay connected by phone. With a top-notch connection on the Sunrise fiber optic cable network.

It's your choice
  • For ISDN systems

  • With a dedicated IP connection and up to 200 voice channels

  • With your own IP access and more than 200 voice channels

Your advantages at a glance
  • Make and receive maximum-quality phone calls

  • Benefit from cutting-edge technology

  • Stay flexible and independent for the long run

  • Continue to use your current infrastructure

  • Get a customized offer

Enjoy top-quality and secure phone service

ISDN is a thing of the past. That’s a fact. Phone companies around the world are migrating to innovative and much more flexible so-called SIP trunks that allow the assignment of phone numbers and voice channels within a phone system. With a single connection. Over the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This lowers installation and operating costs – for you and for us.

Benefit from cutting-edge technology

Another advantage: SIP trunks remain flexible over the long run, allowing for future business growth or location changes. New phone numbers or voice channels can be assigned to the SIP trunk at any time. It is no longer necessary to install new lines. And if you move, you simply take your location-specific phone numbers with you. Our practical self-service customer portal lets you manage your SIP trunk easily on your own, without any outside help, and through your Business Account. Just a few mouse clicks and you’re done. This is what telephony services of the future look like.

Stay flexible and independent for the long run

Protect your investment: Let Sunrise connect your existing ISDN phone system to our network over an IP gateway. The gateway translates your IP signal to the ISDN protocol DSS-1, whether it's a Basic Rate Interface (BRI) or a multiplex Primary Rate Interface (PRI). Would you like to switch to Sunrise?

You can keep your existing phone numbers. Of course! We’ll port them over from your current provider. Do you need any new or additional numbers? Let us take care of that, too.

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