gfs. Befragungsdienst
Efficient research thanks to the overall solution (landline and mobile networks, Internet and data)

gfs-befragungsdienst is a service center for research institutes and field surveys and carries out all forms of field research. Throughout Switzerland over 400 qualified employees specialize in face-to-face interviews as well as computer-aided phone surveys using the latest technical resources. A control center ensures the quality of the interviews as well as the statistical correctness of the data. All of these factors make the surveys high-quality, representative collections of data that provide customers from business, politics and social research with a reliable basis for their decision-making.


  • gfs-befragungsdienst has to be able to conduct phone surveys both via its own call center as well as over the home office connections of those employees who work from home. Furthermore, the project managers and management team have to be flexible in their internal communication and be linked and able to make phone calls to one another at any time, even while on the move. In addition, continuously guaranteed internet access is a prerequisite for the transmission of voice files which are used for conversation analyses or quality control.

Landline network
In order that all services that are required via the landline network can be fulfilled, we provide gfsbefragungsdienst with a server in our server farm in Zurich Oerlikon (so-called Sunrise Server Housing). Six Sunrise Business voice routers are integrated in this rack, which cover the entire call volume of gfs completely (up to 180 calls simultaneously).

Mobile network
Thanks to the supplementary service Sunrise mygroup, the project managers and management team can make phone calls to one another and also to all company mobiles free of charge. The price plans are constantly adapted individually to customer requirements.

A powerful symmetric 1,800/1,800 SDSL line is used for Internet access. This enables gfs-befragungsdienst to process and archive even the large voice and data files that it generates via its survey system without any problems.


Customer benefits
  • We can respond flexibly to changing requirements at any time with the Sunrise Server Housing solution.

  • Free internal phone calls thanks to the combination of landline and mobile networks, from mobile to mobile and landline to mobile and vice versa

  • Guaranteed Internet access at all times

  • Efficient processing of quality and conversation analyses

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