Mittelland Transport AG
Flexible communications solutions optimally tailored to the needs of the large transport logistics company

"As a transport company, we rely heavily on our drivers being able to get the best possible connectivity in remote locations.
Sunrise offers the best conditions for this with its exceptional network coverage."

Ulrich Gloor, Managing Director – Mittelland Transport AG

  • Mittelland Transport AG has approximately 200 employees and a fleet of 160 company-owned vehicles. At peak times, MLT also works with third-party carriers to manage its work volume. Altogether, MLT dispatches an average of about 300 trucks per day! Effective communication among employees is crucial to successfully coordinating the activities of employees and drivers as well as the company’s massive fleet of dump trucks, concrete mixers, and roll-off trucks. To be able to issue the proper assignments and communicate the best routes to the drivers, dispatchers have to know at any given time which drivers and vehicles are available. MLT was looking for a provider that values a partnership-based, equal business relationship and is able to offer practical, flexible communication solutions – from the initial discussion all the way to the final product. Sunrise met all the criteria, and has been handling all of MLT’s telecommunication activities for more than two years now.

300 SIM cards from Sunrise
The dispatchers use a Sunrise landline network to communicate with drivers and customers. All company-internal calls are free – even calls made from the landline network to the drivers’ mobile phones that are currently equipped with a total of about 300 SIM cards from Sunrise. The exceptional network coverage Sunrise provides also ensures that drivers can always be reached, even in rather out-of-the-way, rural areas or remote construction sites.

State-of-the-art phone communications center
Sunrise started by taking over all previously existing connections. In partnership with a telematics company, a new, state-of-the-art phone communications center was built at MLT headquarters in Birmensdorf that will facilitate flawless communication via IP VPN even after analog and ISDN calling is deactivated nationwide at the end of 2017. The Internet is also accessed via the IP VPN connection, which was previously outsourced to the cloud.

M2M solution communicates directly between the truck and the dispatch center
To ensure that all trips made by the transport company are managed as sustainably as possible, a project is currently in the planning stages that will allow for the coordination and monitoring of the next-generation MLT truck fleet via a central M2M system. This will give the dispatch center the opportunity to step in in real time and potentially intervene when, for example, a driver is taking a detour to the destination, when too much gas is being used due to an inefficient driving style, or, in general, when opportunities arise to increase efficiency. This forward-thinking M2M solution communicates directly between the truck and the dispatch center – with sustainability being the top priority.

Customer benefits
  • Striking increase in efficiency – with customized subscriptions from Sunrise

  • Investment in a forward-thinking, state-of-the-art phone system solution – with the IP VPN designed and set up by Sunrise

  • Project phase for a new M2M solution for more sustainability in the future – with an M2M solution from Sunrise

  • Free company-internal calls – with subscriptions from Sunrise

  • Collaborative approach to new product design – with in-depth communication with Sunrise

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