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For more than 80 years, Föllmi AG has been contributing to the development of the region between Lake Zurich and Central Switzerland. With a wealth of experience, the business has dedicated itself to driving innovation in construction. The Swiss SME relies on Sunrise as its partner for smart and digitally connected construction sites.

Optimal mobile technology ensures greater efficiency of construction businesses such as Föllmi AG – so that everyone knows what to do and conversations can take place digitally on site by means of tablets and 3D models instead of paper-based construction plans. With offices typically set up on undeveloped construction sites in metal containers with poor mobile phone reception, Sunrise has equipped all Föllmi AG’s mobile offices with an additional external 4G/5G antenna. This ensures fast and secure data transfer in real time, even indoors.

See in this video how Föllmi AG benefits from fast Internet connectivity, even on construction sites in remote areas. 


Customer benefits
  • Greater efficiency thanks to an optimum connection: even on remote construction sites and for mobile offices in shielded containers.

  • Digitally connected construction site of the future: The Sunrise 5G technology creates the conditions for faster processes and innovative working in real time.

  • Paperless constructions sites: laptops and tablets facilitate on-site meetings by means of 3D models instead of inconvenient paper-based construction plans.

Products and services

For Föllmi AG, being able to work from anywhere and stay available at any time is key, because employees, machines and processes need to be connected – even on remote construction sites. Additionally, Föllmi AG has a vision of a paperless, digitally connected construction site of the future. Sunrise is enabling Föllmi AG to realize this vision. Learn more about our business products and possibilities in the field of innovation. 


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