SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG trusts in Sunrise

Founded in Biel/Bienne in 1908, the lightweight and durable aluminum drinking bottles, sporting the unmistakable SIGG design, have led SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG to become a global market leader. Over the years, the assortment has been supplemented with drinking bottles made of glass, stainless steel and Tritan™.

The Unlimited Mobile Workplace from Sunrise combines mobile, Connectivity and Work Smart services to connect the headquarters and Swiss production site with the group headquarters in China and global SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG partners. SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG benefits from flexible working and seamless communication. 

In a video, Adrian Meili, former CEO, explains why SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG – as the market leader in reusable designer aluminum drinking bottles – also has to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to its communications. 


Customer benefits
  • With the Unlimited Mobile Workplace from Sunrise, SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG has the perfect solution tailored to your needs. All employees can work on the move and flexibly from wherever they feel comfortable.

  • As an international company, SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG is particularly dependent on connections being fast and functioning. With Sunrise's outstanding network, SIGG Switzerland Bottles AGis able to work efficiently with all countries and distribute the cult bottles internationally.

  • SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG's demands on Sunrise are speed and reliability on the one hand. Often large amounts of data have to be shared internationally within a very short time. This works perfectly thanks to Sunrise's fast and secure network.

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