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"The communications solution we received from Sunrise works perfectly."

Stefan Richter, owner of UCC Pro GmbH


UCC Pro at a glance

UCC Pro GmbH is an IT service provider based in Marthalen. The company specializes in consultation, planning and implementation of IT architectures based on Microsoft technologies. Company founder and owner Stefan Richter has four permanent employees. They collaborate with project service providers to take care of the needs of large-scale companies and SMEs.


From service expert to technology pro.
Our conversation with Stefan Richter.

He won his first customer at the age of 16, and today Stefan Richter is the owner of UCC Pro.
We met with the passionate IT expert at the Sulzer building in Winterthur and learned how important communication is in his business.

Sunrise: Mr. Richter, what is special about your business?
Stefan Richter: Just as at Sunrise, we at UCC Pro take care of the needs of large-scale companies as well as SMEs and provide the necessary flexibility for both types of companies. Large-scale companies have strict processes and it can take up to two years, including testing and training, to complete the solution. SMEs, on the other hand, appreciate it when a solution can be installed quickly and runs smoothly. Our approach enables us to combine the best of both worlds in our portfolio of solutions.

Sunrise: Then you really know your way around communications technology.
What do you consider important in this?
Stefan Richter: I consider good network quality extremely important. My employees and I travel frequently. We are almost always out with our customers, and we also work while we are traveling to our customers. After all, our customers are also paying for this time. Whether we are on the train, in the subway or at the customer's site, we need to have reliable Internet access all the time so that we can work on our laptops without any interruptions in quality. Incidentally, this also applies to my freelancers, whom I work with on a project basis.


Sunrise: And Sunrise offers this?
Stefan Richter: Sunrise really has a very, very good network and a very, very strong cost-benefit ratio. The package solution with landline network, Internet and mobile calling that I receive from Sunrise would cost CHF 50.00 more per month from other providers. We can use extra SIM cards to connect all our devices to the Internet, whether through a laptop or an Apple Watch, so we have the best connections everywhere. What actually convinced me to switch to Sunrise, however, was above all the good advice I received at the Sunrise shop. I have always wanted to get such expert advice. That needs to be emphasized. The employees at the Sunrise shop really showed an exceptional commitment to helping me.

Sunrise: So a reliable Internet connection is important to you. What about phone accessibility?
Stefan Richter: We also put a high priority on accessibility by phone. Direct contact with our customer is very important. Our customers usually call us and then we have to provide our services via an Internet connection. As I mentioned previously, we get everything from a single source from Sunrise. This means that we also are in control of our fixed costs. There are no hidden charges. I really appreciate that. The employees at the Sunrise shop really showed an exceptional commitment to helping me.

Sunrise: So you are completely satisfied with our service?
Stefan Richter: Yes, I am definitely completely satisfied. Everything is transparent. Everything went perfectly, right from the start. I can rely completely on the communications solutions from Sunrise. Fast Internet, all my costs under control with flat rates and all-inclusive prices, and very good accessibility any time and everywhere. Whether by mobile phone or Internet. This means that no customer call goes unanswered – this really increases customer satisfaction!

Sunrise: Thank you for the conversation.


UCC Pro benefits from the following:
  • Best phone reachability

  • Reliable Internet access, even while en route

  • Extra SIM cards for connections to several devices

  • No hidden costs

  • High quality expert advice at the Sunrise shop