Here’s how Unia benefits from simple and efficient practices
thanks to Sunrise’s Unlimited Mobile Workplace.

"200,000 members and affiliated employees, 1200 employees in 13 regions, 43 branches, across 111 local sites. These figures alone reflect the need for simple yet carefully-coordinated communication. Sunrise immediately impressed us with their Unlimited Mobile Workplace. The fact that only 10 months were required to execute the project from start to finish further proves how smoothly this partnership is going. This is our ideal form of communication on an equal footing."

Head of Services Unia

Daniel Bühler


In 2004, the merger of cross-industry trade unions in Unia gave rise to Switzerland’s strongest trade union and the country's largest unemployment insurance fund. Unia is affiliated with the Swiss Trade Union Federation (SGB), with involvement in numerous social and political initiatives. It represents the interests of more than 200,000 employees, arranges progressive collective labor agreements, champions employee rights, offers legal protection and provides many other services. The Unlimited Mobile Workplace; the combination of mobile, connectivity and Work Smart, allows for easy, modern and efficient liaison at Unia in complex areas and structures.


Simple communication solutions are indispensable for the complex company structure typical of trade unions with their numerous clients and members, their branches spread nationwide as well as their thousands of employees. Unia’s various specialized departments should be able to fulfill the needs of their clients and members as independently and quickly as possible, while also liaising with other departments to achieve their ends.

Therefore, Unia was looking for a new business partner who could elaborate a future-oriented plan to create secure and device-free communication and collaboration solutions. The major challenge was to find a solution that would be easy for staff to use, combine the various communication and collaboration tools, and maximize availability, productivity and cooperation among all members, branches and teams spread across the country. As part of an evaluation, we checked which providers could deliver a suitable all-in-one solution to Unia.


Sunrise analyzed Unia’s requirements during the very first meeting, and we have been highly sympathetic to our clients’ specific needs. After in-depth consultations and a reference visit to Swiss Post, during which the proposed solutions were presented live, Unia was convinced that Sunrise was just the right partner.

In addition to Unia’s original goal to modernize its communication and collaboration infrastructure (UCC solution), Sunrise also offered the Unlimited Mobile Workplace as a complete solution. This consists of Microsoft Skype for Business, Competella (a call center operations solution), a landline connection (redundant SIP trunk), as well as 738 mobile subscriptions for a mobile working experience with additional SIM cards for location-independent connectivity of their devices.

Unia particularly cherished our quick help and straightforward assistance in finding solutions as well as our reliable practical support. The costly phone system was replaced with Microsoft Skype for Business, thereby allowing Unia staff to work from any location.



    Dario Colacicco, Director of Professional Services, on Unlimited Mobile Workplace at Unia Switzerland.


    What guaranteed success for Unlimited Mobile Workplace?

    The simplicity and flexibility of our solution quickly won Unia over. Our understanding of their needs as well as our streamlined organizational structure also appealed to them. Businesses work directly with specialists, who solve issues immediately instead of routing them through different departments.


    What have you learned from the Unia project?

    Collaboration is key. Communications infrastructure is at the heart of every company and linked to business processes. Therefore, customer input during the development and rollout of a solution is crucial. At Sunrise, we provide varied support, from IP networks to administration. But only the customer can turn the solution into a tool for better, more efficient, and faster processes across the whole company.


    So installing the software isn’t the end of it?

    No. The entire existing infrastructure and the IP networks, as well as mobile network connectivity, need to be carefully analyzed. Technical adjustments are often necessary. Integrating a communications solution can therefore be compared to open heart surgery.

  • Luigi Micoccio is responsible for Unia Switzerland and is the primary point of contact for all administrative issues. Technical support is provided via a 24/7 hotline by call handlers who are familiar with Unia and manage all solutions centrally. An engineer deals with any technical issues immediately.

    Key Account Manager Micoccio is pleased that Unia has decided not to pursue their original plan of continuing to manage parts of their communication via their old provider. “Our integrated Unlimited Mobile Workplace offer was the decisive factor.”

Customer benefits
  • Communications solutions from one provider, around the clock, seven days a week

  • Personal contact to handle queries as well as provide immediate repair solutions to any issues

  • Reducing costs thanks to the use of cloud-based solutions

  • A secure, modern and simple self-service platform

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