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Unlimited networking possibilities between people, places and things.

The Sunrise-Vodafone partnership unites the local and global expertise of both providers and facilitates the development of synergies for business customer products.
Together our teams are sharing cross-market best practices to ensure our global business customers receive local support as well.

Sunrise is the leading challenger on the Swiss telecommunications market. The partnership with Vodafone means access to Europe’s and Switzerland’s biggest and fastest 5G network and a presence in more than 65 countries.
We offer a seamless customer experience, inclusive of full cost transparency and control.

Our services can be adapted according to your needs and we streamline your global service management by providing a single point of contact.

Our partnership

Sunrise and Vodafone have been strategic partners in the areas of Mobile and Connectivity since January 2020.
We bring together comprehensive global and local market expertise, which benefits our customers as well.

Great Alone. Better Together.

Streamline your global service management

Individual contract and central point of contact

Cost reduction

Bespoke services

Ready for innovation

  • A central point of contact and access to a global framework agreement create a seamless customer experience.

  • The individual service package offers a high degree of flexibility to meet your requirements.

  • With the Vodafone Telecom Reporting (VTR) tool, you have full cost and data transparency.

  • We support you with the development of your business to create and implement innovation.

We’ll get your multinational business on the right track

2000 experts

You benefit from the interdisciplinary knowledge of more than 2000 experts.

Outstanding quality of service

We offer outstanding quality of service thanks to the multiple award-winning Sunrise and Vodafone networks.

More than 65 countries

Together with Vodafone, we are active in more than 65 countries to globally link your business.

Global network coverage and the latest technologies

You have access to our global networks and the latest standards of technology.
Vodafone Video

Vodafone Global Enterprise

Vodafone is one of the world’s leading telecommunications providers for mobile, landline networks, TV and the IoT.

With more than 1,200 multinational business customers, Vodafone covers a broad knowledge spectrum in different markets all over the world.

Sunrise is one of 48 international partners.
Vodafone has rolled out more than 5,000 5G locations and, together with Sunrise, provides the biggest 5G network in Europe and Switzerland.

Vodafone also offers services in the areas of cloud security, professional services and the IoT.

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