Sunrise Business Cockpit
The self-service portal for your employees

What is the Sunrise Business Cockpit?

The Sunrise Business Cockpit (SBC) is a free, online self-service portal for all Sunrise Mobile business customers. It can be used to book additional options to business mobile subscriptions and pay privately – conveniently and hassle-free, using a credit card. This makes it possible to use a business mobile subscription for private use and also relieves companies of the private mobile costs of their employees.

Via the portal, users will be given a quick overview of the business mobile subscription and can easily and conveniently add additional extras for business or private use, such as national options for increased data volume, or international options for cheap or free calls abroad. While travelling abroad, you can jump directly into the Sunrise Roaming Cockpit, which is where you will find roaming options for surfing and calling. In addition, the Sunrise Business Cockpit has a hardware shop where employees can purchase the latest devices and accessories at attractive prices. Useful SIM card information such as PIN and PUK can also be retrieved easily and conveniently. Practical credit card billing makes it possible to easily distribute costs between business and employee.


Video: How the Sunrise Business Cockpit (SBC) works

What advantages does the Sunrise Business Cockpit offer?

This is how the company benefits

  • Lower expenses through a clear cost allocation of your employees’ business and private mobile use

  • No administrative efforts through easy and convenient credit card payments

  • Greater flexibility and employee satisfaction thanks to mobile subscriptions for business and private use tailored to specific requirements

This is how employees benefit

  • Simple optimization of business mobile subscriptions to suit personal and private needs with national, international, roaming, and 5G options

  • Hassle-free and convenient purchase of additional options by credit card

  • Practical and quick overview of all services included in the business mobile subscription, as well as useful information about the SIM card, such as PIN and PUK numbers

How is the Sunrise Business Cockpit activated?

The Sunrise Business Cockpit is immediately activated for all Sunrise business customers. You can adjust the permissions of your employees at any time and individually through the Sunrise Business Portal or via your Account Manager and withdraw the right to buy options using a credit card if need be.

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