Sunrise Business Cockpit

The service portal for your employees

Would you like to provide your employees with an attractive and comprehensive mobile subscription solution? Want to enable need-based service options for private use of your business mobile subscription while still having a clear cost separation? Are you interested in reducing the administrative effort involved in managing mobile subscriptions by implementing user-friendly self-services for employees? Then the Sunrise Business Cockpit is the solution for you.

The Sunrise Business Cockpit (SBC) is the free online portal that offers these and other options to all Sunrise Business Mobile customers.

Why Sunrise Business Cockpit?
Advantages for your business and your employees:

Benefits for your company

  • Increased employee satisfaction thanks to need-based mobile subscriptions

  • Wide selection and high flexibility thanks to diverse service options and customer-specific activation and deactivation of desired options

  • Direct cost relief thanks to the clear separation of business and private service options and separate billing by credit card

  • Administrative relief by allowing employees to handle simple issues such as PIN and PUK queries independently, in the user-friendly self-service portal

Benefits for your employees

  • A mobile subscription for business and private use at attractive prices

  • Easily adapt the business mobile subscription to personal and private needs by adding appropriate service options

  • Clear delineation between business and private costs thanks to separate and simple payment for service options by credit card

  • Quick and complete overview of the included services. Adjust service options at any time and retrieve useful information such as PIN and PUK codes

This is how the Sunrise Business Cockpit works.

The Sunrise Business Cockpit gives you and your employees a quick overview of the business mobile subscription. In addition, it allows your employees to easily and conveniently add service options for business or private use – on business as well as private account, billed by credit card.

As an employer, you decide which mobile subscription service options and self-services you would like to provide to your employees. This allows you full control at all times.

Video: How the Sunrise Business Cockpit (SBC) works



- Free online portal, directly via smartphone

- Purchase and management of various service options

- Employees can deal with simple matters themselves via the self-service portal

- Clear cost separation between business and private use thanks to credit card payment

Interested? Download more detailed information now (PDF)

Service options and self-service:​
You too can benefit and take advantage of the possibilities.

With the Sunrise Business Cockpit, you have the option of expanding the business mobile subscription of your employees with service options – you decide whether these are intended for business or private use. Whether it be individual domestic or international service options, Device as a Service models or just to deal with simple matters – with the Sunrise Business Cockpit, you’ll have access to attractive service options and control over your business mobile subscription at all times.

  • Your employees can quickly look up simple issues – after forgetting their PIN and PUK codes, for example – by themselves, thereby noticeably reducing your administrative effort.
  • Would you like to allow your employees to use the business mobile subscription for private purposes as well? Not a problem. With the subscription upgrade option, your employees can upgrade their business subscription to a higher subscription to match their needs. For example: Business Mobile M basic to L premium – the difference is paid directly by the employee via credit card. You can find detailed information in the respective fact sheets.


    Business Mobile M Premium (PDF)

    Business Mobile L Basic (PDF)

    Business Mobile L Premium (PDF)

    Business Mobile XL Basic (PDF)

    Business Mobile XL Premium (PDF)

    Business Mobile XXL Basic (PDF)

    Business Mobile XXL Premium (PDF)


  • With the roaming options, your employees can also use their business mobile subscription for occasional business-related trips or private vacations abroad. The roaming options can be included on either a business or private account.
  • With the Device as a Service option, your employees can purchase a smartphone with or without insurance. You decide which smartphones you would like to offer, whether to pay via one-time or installment payments and whether business or private costs will be charged. Use this service option as an attractive fringe benefit.
  • Whether you need additional domestic data volume, international calling or 5G speed – you have a choice of domestic or international service options depending on the respective mobile subscription. We would be happy to introduce and explain the individual service options to you personally.
  • Various other self-service settings can be easily adjusted online with the Sunrise Business Cockpit. Examples include:

    - Blocking settings: Blocking of certain phone numbers

    - Additional SIM cards: Order additional extra SIM Business, eSIM vouchers or physical SIM   cards

    - Delivery settings: Adjustment of the shipping address for hardware deliveries (e.g., Device as   a Service)

    - Check order status: Tracking and checking the status of service options that have been   ordered

Frequently asked questions:​
Answers to the most frequently asked questions of our customers.

The Sunrise Business Cockpit is activated for all Sunrise business customers by default. Customer-specific settings can be made via the Sunrise Business Portal or the Account Manager.

  • Whether SMEs or large-scale companies, the Sunrise Business Cockpit (SBC) is suitable for all Sunrise Business Mobile customers.
  • The Sunrise Business Cockpit is activated for all Sunrise business customers by default. Customer-specific settings, such as the authorization of your employees, can be adjusted individually at any time via the Sunrise Business Portal or your account manager.
  • Please contact your account manager or contact us using one of the contact options listed. We look forward to hearing from you!

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