Switching to Sunrise Internet made easy

Are you still unsure about whether to switch your Internet provider?
Don’t worry: The Sunrise Welcome Team will make sure
that your switch to Sunrise Internet goes smoothly.


Your personal assistant proactively ensures that your Internet connection is activated and doesn’t experience any disruptions, as well as supporting you through the entire process, from cancellation with your current provider through to a fully functioning new line in the Sunrise network.


Frequently asked questions on the switching consultant
    • Checks the porting details
    • Schedules an electrician appointment
    • Informs you on the activation
    • Investigates open questions
    • Is available for any questions you might have 
  • Your contact person is there for you on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at 058 777 79 82. If any disruptions occur to the service within the first 2 weeks after activation, your contact partner is there to address any issues.

  • Yes, your contact person can set up an appointment with an electrician who will then carry out the installation.

You can also have one of our electricians install the Internet and TV Box.

UPK = the basic connection to the network−building connection box is established (not always necessary).