Faxing in the age of All IP


The situation in Switzerland

The telecommunications service plan, which was adopted into the new version by the Bundesrat (Swiss Federal Council) in December of 2016, no longer includes fax service. In the opinion of the Federal Council, there are enough similar or better ways to communication today that are of equal value.

Analog fax devices, which are the most widespread terminal type, function according to the G2 or G3 ITU (International Telecommunications Union) standard. Less common ISDN fax devices use G4. With the deactivation of the analog and ISDN phone network and blanket introduction of Voice over IP, these tones must be converted into digital data packages before transmission, since data is transmitted in digital IP networks exclusively in the form of individual packages. The All IP calling products offered by Sunrise support fax transmissions in different ways.

Would you like the get additional information about the Fax in the age of All IP?  This document is meant to help Sunrise business customers get their bearings in regard to faxing and analog/ISDN network deactivation, which is also referred to as “All IP” or “TDM2IP.” It describes the history, technical background, and approaches taken by Sunrise to offer solutions.