Managed Services

Full Service

Monitor, manage and improve your networks and applications


Sunrise Integration Services offers consulting on IT infrastructures with the aim to review costs, availability, extension, services and other technical aspects. A consulting expert provides advice to technical and strategic teams and performs specialist analyses in regard to new technologies. In this way you can avoid gaps between solutions and business requirements; at the same time the targets for return on investment and overall operating costs are continuously improved.

Change Management

Change management must stay in step with the growing speed at which business is conducted to ensure that users are always able to respond quickly and efficiently. In order to ensure the success of your new IT solution, changes must be managed properly right from the start – from their initialisation and recording, through filtering, evaluation, categorisation, authorisation, planning, generation, up to testing, implementation and conclusion.

The change management of Sunrise Integration Services provides a specific process for each necessary change - this process comprises a validation procedure, an SLA and a confirmation obligation. Each change is automatically reviewed for possible impacts on other applications. Centralised and coordinated management prevents compatibility issues in the network.

Selective Sourcing

Outsourcing the IT infrastructure enables a company to focus on its core business. Since technical decisions loose their significance in view of operative requirements and strategies, Sunrise Integration Services’ sourcing solutions are a flexible and cost-effective option for companies and do not entail the need to surrender control of their systems or decisions. We will responsibly manage your entire IT infrastructure, propose financial solutions and develop optimisation plans.

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