How Sunrise gains business customers

In the video interview, Robert Wigger, CBO, explains what topics and technologies are important to business customers, what role digitalization plays, and  where business communication is headed in the longer run.

CBO Robert Wigger: "As the market challenger, Sunrise always has to be a bit more agile than its competitors."

Sunrise has very good momentum in the market: Thanks to their solid portfolio of solutions and attractive prices, many Swiss business customers have been switching to Sunrise. A highly motivated team does everything in their power to continue to increase customer satisfaction and market share. 

In the business customer segment, Sunrise focuses on solutions such as mobile services, landline services, and managed services; with this approach, Sunrise has already been able to gain 60,000 business customers.

In the digitalization arena, Sunrise supports its customers, for example, with services such as Unified Communications and Collaboration. By integrating classic calling, mobile services and mail, as well as document sharing or Skype for Business, customers save much time, as well as travel expenses.

«In the longer term, the trend points toward 5G.»

With its well-developed fiber optic cable network and first-rate mobile network, Sunrise offers its customers a high level of service. A designated team of specialists supports and accompanies them; a current example is helping customers switch from ISDN to VoIP-based solutions.

In the longer run, the trend points toward 5G, for example, with 5G-based Ethernet, and future-oriented IoT or M2M solutions. The opening of a new Excellence Center for business customers and partners demonstrates that customer support and quality continue to have the highest priority. As the market challenger, Sunrise always has to be a bit more agile than its competitors.

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