Things to consider when switching a business mobile subscription
The challenges when switching

Many companies dread switching providers for their mobile subscriptions. Even if a switch of provider often results in major cost savings, there are additional aspects to consider. We would like to show you what you should always take into account when switching your business customer mobile subscriptions.

Network quality

Even if the Swiss mobile network by far outperforms most other countries in the world when it comes to 4G/5G coverage, there are still differences between the various providers. You can check the coverage in individual regions on the websites of most providers.

Another quality feature is the rating of specialist journal “connect”. The company from Aachen has been specializing in network tests for 26 years, investing great efforts and carrying them out impartially. Network performance is tested with drive and walk tests, as well as further analyses. Trustworthy mobile communication providers occupy the top spots in the Connect test rankings for several years. Only then can you be certain that they make sustainable investments in optimized infrastructures.

Onboarding Process/Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

As soon as you’ve decided on a new provider, you will need to migrate your employees’ mobile subscriptions. For smaller companies, switching is as easy as it is for you as a private customer to switch. Companies that have a larger number of employees, however, depend on the reliability of the provider and its services. The best way to ensure a seamless transition is with a well-structured onboarding process, combined with helpful tools and a simply worded booklet for each employee.

Ideally, the mobile communications provider also offers a combination of digital and personal support during regular business operations: Mass mutations should be possible by uploading a template. There should be a digital portal available for purchasing new devices, as well as for the (de)registration of employees: Nevertheless, a dedicated team of experts should be available to handle more complicated processes and problem areas.


A good provider of mobile subscriptions for business customers takes the individual communication patterns of your employees into account. Here, it is important to have several roaming options at your disposal. Depending on how often your employees are active abroad, this should be covered by a flat-rate sum. Conversely, employees who primarily operate within Switzerland should have an easy option to subscribe to relevant roaming options for unexpected visits abroad.

If you are part of a company with international operations, you should pay attention to the partnerships of the provider. Only then can you negotiate a global contract for mobile subscriptions. Sunrise, for example, offers you international access through a partnership with Vodafone.

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