The switch to home office
What companies need to consider

The coronavirus crisis has forced many companies to instruct their employees to work from home. We’ll show you the crucial technical issues you should take into consideration.

Internet bandwidth

High Internet bandwidth is a prerequisite to work from home and participate in video conferences. But not every household has a fiber optic connection. You can also use mobile bandwidths to get high Internet speeds. This is a good alternative for most employees, above all in Switzerland thanks to its globally leading 4G coverage. With many parts of Switzerland now already benefitting from 5G coverage, download speeds of up to 2 Gbit/s are possible (up to 300 Mbit/s with 4G).

Sunrise offers mobile Internet at 4G speeds with unlimited data for just CHF 19.– per month.

Business collaboration platforms

Tools such as Office 365 and Google G-Suite make productive collaboration from any location possible. The apps can be installed on any device and all data are synchronized and can be edited. This gives employees the advantage of always working with the most recent version of a document on all their devices. They can also share it for further processing. Permissions and releases can be used to make sure that access to files is restricted to those who are authorized.

These apps are a valuable alternative, above all for small companies without a VPN or the resources or technical know-how to develop such a solution by themselves. With the Office 365 Suite, the Sharepoint and OneDrive apps have everything in store that companies need to develop a business platform in the cloud.

Video Unlimited Mobile Workplace

Video conferences and business calls

Apps for video and desktop sharing are required for remote meetings. Microsoft currently offers its MS Teams software to all users free of charge. This also makes it possible to offer customer care in a digital manner – very similar to meeting in person.

To make sure your customers can reach you, your employees must remain available at home on their usual business number. It is now possible to activate call forwarding (sometimes at a fee). This raises questions about cost sharing for private mobile subscriptions, especially for employees who do not have a business cell phone. A much easier way to solve this problem is to integrate your company landline number into MS Teams. However, this is only possible with a fee-based license, and not with the current free version. A so-called Managed SIP Trunk is used to assign your landline number to the relevant MS Teams user.

This integration is still possible now, because no on-site installation is required. One major advantage of this VoIP solution is that there are no costs for national or international calls and that you no longer need any expensive maintenance of your telephone infrastructure.

Your employees are available on any device on which they’ve installed the MS Teams app. This way, you can optimize the business availability of your company.

Sunrise and Mircosoft support Swiss companies and offers several solutions for free.


Integrated microphones, especially on older laptops, do not offer a disruption-free sound experience. The image quality of the laptop camera is not sufficient for good communication either. We therefore recommend that you use external cameras and headsets.

We offer various suitable products on our Sunrise Marketplace. You can also purchase the apps described above there.

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