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How Sunrise is enabling businesses to drive the transformation of the workplace

In order to effectively compete in the globalized economy, enterprises need to innovate, work collaboratively and attract the best talent. The OECD study from 2015 The Future of Productivity states that productivity is about “working smarter,” rather than “working harder,” and reflects the ability to produce more output by better combining inputs, thanks to new ideas, technological innovations and new business models.” 1 This means also that only companies that embrace flexible and collaborative working are able to achieve high levels of productivity and to attract talents, which are increasingly difficult to find in the market.

The Digital Mobile Workplace is the frontline in the battle for talents

The shortage of skills has already become a limiting factor for economic growth in many countries and is a major challenge in human resource management. For many companies, finding and retaining a sufficient number of highly qualified employees is already the most difficult task in their overall strategy. But what makes a company attractive for professionals from all segments of the workforce?



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  • The Unlimited Mobile Workplace from Sunrise

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