Dual Provider solution: guaranteed connection
Remain available in the event of a fault, thanks to an automatic switch to the Sunrise network

The Sunrise offer for a reliable dual provider strategy

Two is always better than one: With our Dual Provider solution, you can switch to the Sunrise network in the very second your existing provider experiences a disruption – without you, your employees, or your customers noticing. A Dual Provider solution is essential to protect you against network disruptions and guarantee that your employees have full access to all systems at any time, as well as remain available over the phone. This network backup solution can be set up for connections between locations (IP VPN), Internet access, as well as the phone connection (SIP Trunk).


One individual provider may reach its performance limits

The network has turned into a crucial factor in business success. It must be quicker, more efficient, more flexible, with absolute security and without any faults. But systems are growing increasingly multidimensional and therefore routing is becoming more complex. This is why individual providers reach their performance limits from time to time, which may result in instability or even disruptions. The dual provider solution helps here.

The advantages of the Sunrise Dual Provider Solution

  • Highest possible availability

  • Elimination of the risk of disruption and downtime thanks to system redundancies tailored to your situation

  • Fault-free communication, without technical restrictions

  • Access your cloud services at any time thanks to a secure powerful Internet connection with a direct connection to telehouses, data centers, as well as international peering exchange points

  • Remain available at any time thanks to a stable and first-class connection to the public phone network

  • Internal communication without any restrictions through a scalable connection of multiple office locations with high availability

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