Business Cloud VPN
Connected through an Internet-based network of several sites, managed from the cloud and also able to include the internal network.

Why Business Cloud VPN?

The constant change and the increased competitive pressure oblige companies more and more to flexible and economical solutions. One of these is the secure networking of distributed company locations. Today, this is a basic prerequisite for successful business operations and enables the exchange of information across locations and divisions. Sunrise has a simple solution for you as a company: Business Cloud VPN.

Sunrise solution

Thanks to Business Cloud VPN from Sunrise, you can easily connect your locations in Switzerland via the Internet and get a cost-optimized network solution. In addition to the numerous options for configuring a network, it also includes a wide range of security functions. The Managed Service is a cloud-based solution that is integrated in the Sunrise Business Portal. Your solution is configured in just a few steps and you have access to numerous monitoring and ticket functions.

Our Managed Service Team takes over all operational tasks over the entire lifecycle. In addition, our experts are always available to answer your questions about network design and security. Our solution can also be easily extended to include in-house network functions. With our Managed Service Business Cloud WLAN you can configure your Local Area Network, whether wireless or wired.

Ten reasons for Business Cloud VPN from Sunrise
  • Internet-based VPN solution for networking your business locations

  • Very powerful cloud-based solution

  • Extensive self-care functionalities via Sunrise Business Portal for configuring and managing your network

  • Individually configurable safety functions

  • Easy to combine with Business Cloud WLAN for in-house networking

  • A single Sunrise contact for WAN and your internal network

  • Very simple networking of your locations – so that you can concentrate on your business activities

  • Transparent price model without investment costs

  • Sunrise operates the service – you have full control over the Sunrise Business Portal

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