Business flat speed
High-speed mobile communication

Mobile communications with no waiting required

Your company cannot afford to waste time – also when communicating on the go. Sunrise has the solution for you: With Business flat speed, you can always surf the Internet within Switzerland with the highest possible bandwidth. Whether you continuously need high data volumes or only temporarily have increased data requirements: With Business flat speed you can continue surfing at the best available speed, even after you have reached your subscription limit.

You can easily activate or cancel the option via SMS
  • Activation: Text "flat speed" to the toll free number 5522

  • Cancellation: Text "flat speed stop" to the toll free number 5522

  • Costs: CHF 25.00 per month

You can also activate Business flat speed as soon as your contract for your mobile subscription is concluded, or later through your advisor.
Are employees at your company not allowed to carry out activations?
No problem: We will gladly block the activation option for you. Simply contact your advisor.

Your benefits at a glance
  • You can activate and cancel the option flexibly via SMS

  • Immediate discontinuation of the bandwidth restriction for your subscription after receipt of the SMS

  • You don't pay for speed you don't need

  • Can be used with all current Sunrise mobile subscriptions for business customers and these data subscriptions: Take Away max, Business mobile evolution, and Business mobile data

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