Business Mobile ID
Secure authentication for the best data protection

The one-size-fits-all authentication solution as a managed service

You protect your company's data and ensure that outsiders, especially competitors, have no access to your trade secrets. Mobile ID is a secure service providing two-element authentication for your applications, portals, and business applications. Authentication is carried out using the SIM card in the user's mobile phone. A standard interface makes it possible for applications and online portals of all kinds to be easily connected to the Business Mobile ID service. This enables companies, service providers, or public authorities to take advantage of a strong two-element authentication solution for their applications and portals with the utmost ease. Even if you lose your hardware, access to your applications will continue to be protected since unauthorized users don't know the Mobile ID PIN.

Secure login for all of Switzerland: Sunrise, Swisscom and Salt together offer the "Mobile ID" service for secure and simple authentication via a mobile phone.

Key features
  • Secure authentication service for all company applications and online portals through the mobile phone

  • There are two elements that provide security: "Ownership" (mobile phone and SIM card) and "Knowledge" (Mobile ID PIN)

  • Mobile ID runs directly on your SIM card as an application; you don't need to install any software on the mobile phone

  • As a managed service, Mobile ID doesn't place any strain on backend infrastructure or operational costs

  • Quickly scalable solution for use with as many applications and portals as desired

More for less: The integrated authentication solution at an attractive price.

The new authentication solution, Mobile ID, is a managed service that can be obtained at an attractive monthly rate. You will only be charged for telephone numbers used by your application – so you only pay for the users who are effectively utilizing Mobile ID. Mobile ID runs directly on your SIM card as an application; you don't need to install any software on the mobile phone. To be able to use this service with Sunrise, all you have to do is replace the SIM card with a latest-generation smart SIM card.

Your benefits at a glance
  • All you need is your mobile phone with integrated Mobile ID for authentication

  • All expenses for handling, processing, logistics, and investments in hardware or software necessary for strong authentication are included in the managed service

  • You only pay an attractive monthly fixed price per user for Mobile ID

  • Sunrise will provide you with support in integrating Mobile ID into your IT systems (additional charges may apply depending on expenditures)

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