Business Mobile Internet
Unlimited mobile connection with all devices –
also available with 5G Speed!

Whether on the move or on an additional device: the right mobile data subscription to take with you

Business Mobile Internet is the perfect solution for everyone who travels a lot on business. No matter where you are: with Business Mobile Internet you have wireless and fast access to the Internet and your company network via the Sunrise mobile network. So you can work online at any time, on any device and anywhere, edit e-mails or share documents. Business Mobile Internet is available in a total of four different speed levels. These also include the Business Mobile Internet 5G version with a speed of up to 2 Gbit/s. With Business Mobile Internet 5G not only devices such as tablets or laptops can be connected, but also high-bandwidth applications such as robots, drones, etc. can be connected to the mobile network and controlled.

  • The right data speed for all needs – also available as 5G

  • Connection of all devices to the mobile network

  • Can be used both in Switzerland and abroad and combined with Sunrise business roaming options

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