Sunrise Business Mobile Priority Services
Comprehensive prioritization options for calls and data transfer over the mobile network

Large events are tending to become more numerous and extensive, which also increases the risk of crises and catastrophes. In this situation, it is important for rescue and safety organizations (BORS), event organizations, and organizers to be able to communicate reliably.

Mobile data usage also greatly increases at large events, since the load on the mobile network at large gatherings is extremely high. Police, firefighters, emergency medical services, security companies, event organization companies, and other potential users must also be able to communicate reliably, even in these extreme situations.


What solutions does Sunrise offer?
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    The Business priority voice option prioritizes the user's calls in order to ensure telephone calling even on a heavily loaded mobile network.
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    The Business priority data option prioritizes the user's mobile data traffic in order to ensure data transmission for communication apps, e-mails, etc. even on a heavily loaded mobile network.