Day pass for your travel on the foreign data network
Our 24-hour carefree roaming option
The 24-hour airbag for to keep costs under control while surfing abroad
Business travel day pass data instead of roaming at the standard rate

Hop on the plane and start surfing as soon as you land - carefree and without any cost risk. The Business travel day pass data option includes 100 MB of data for 24 hours abroad in Region 1. The option is comes standard with every business subscription and is automatically activated the first time it is used abroad. Once the included data has been used up within 24 hours, the roaming connection is automatically deactivated and you can either purchase another 100 MB data package or wait for the end of the 24-hour period. The next day, you'll be able to use the same data volume for CHF 1.90 - if you need it. By the way, you can always use the Sunrise Roaming Cockpit to keep track of costs and how much data you have left.


Carefree surfing in 46 countries within Europe, the US, and Canada
  • Optimal travel freedom: Business travel day pass data is automatically included in all new mobile Sunrise Business subscriptions

  • Absolute cost security: Roaming connections are blocked once the data limit is reached

  • Attractive rates: Your cost risk is just CHF 1.90 per day

  • Maximum comfort: Never again will you have the arduous task of finding Wi-Fi abroad

  • Greatest flexibility: You can purchase inexpensive data packages in the Sunrise Cockpit at any time

Surf for a whole day for just CHF 1.90

All of our new mobile subscriptions automatically come with Business travel day pass data. That means you will always be surfing with the more inexpensive CHF 1.90 option for 100 MB of data whenever you surf the Internet abroad*. You will be notified by SMS as soon as your data volume is used up. And you can decide if you want to purchase another 100 MB or if you just want to finish the rest of your work the next day. After all, once 24 hours have passed, you will automatically have the next Business travel day pass data. By the way, you won't be able to continue surfing at the standard roaming rate, since data roaming is deactivated in the system for cost protection.

Have you already chosen another roaming option?

Business travel day pass data is only activated when you have already used up your other inexpensive Sunrise roaming data packages, such as data volume abroad included in your Business world mobile subscription or any additional Business travel days you may have purchased.

Business travel day pass data

1.90/24 hours

  • Price(CHF)
  • 100 MB surfing
  • (valid for 24 hours)
  • Valid
  • for Region 1
  • Automatic activation
  • Only if actually used
Frequent traveler or one-time trip?
We have roaming options to meet every need and are sure we can find exactly the right data package for you.