Internet of Things (IoT)
Market opportunities and advantages for businesses

Productivity increases and cost savings

The Internet of Things (IoT) creates new possibilities and generates market opportunities and competitive advantages. IoT technologies make it possible to link physical objects digitally and ensure that objects can interact with each other. They are the foundation for many new business models.

In this context, 5G opens exciting opportunities for the Internet of Things. The high level of connectivity and low latency are essential for real-time networking.

Voice assistants and coffee machines with automatic self-cleaning features conquered our daily lives a long time ago. But they are only the beginning. The Internet of Things also links industrial tools and machines, making unimaginable increases in productivity and cost savings possible.

Support from Sunrise for your innovative IoT project

Sunrise provides the basis for the successful implementation of your IoT project. Not only does our Swiss-based company have the most reliable mobile data network and is, according to the "Bilanz Telekom Rating", the best mobile service provider for business customers, it also has a powerful technology platform that offers the highest possible flexibility and security – thus meeting all requirements to launch your idea.

The new Sunrise IoT Connect Platform makes it even easier to manage numerous IoT connections. New services can be easily connected, activated, monitored and analyses and visualizations directly created. This opens up new efficiency and automation potential for IoT implementation.

The Internet of Things offers unlimited opportunities

The Internet of Things connects machines, processes, environments and even animals. Whether smart agriculture, smart manufacturing or smart solutions for sports and tourism and numerous connectivity management solutions also for sensors, device management, data evaluation and connection to your IT infrastructure and integration, you can count on our support.

Since the Internet of Things often requires multi-disciplinary collaboration, Sunrise works with selected partners. This means that in addition to an outstanding network infrastructure and many connectivity management solutions, we are also at your side with sensors, device management, data evaluation and connection to your IT and integration.

Our different IoT use cases
Advanced Global Tracking & Monitoring

Automated process optimization thanks to the Internet of Things

Facilities & Field Engineering

New approaches to energy monitoring with Sunrise and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart Traffic Solutions

Smooth traffic flow thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT)