Business Cloud WLAN
The latest Wi-Fi technology for a high-performance, wireless, and optimized cable-linked inhouse network

Why Business Cloud WLAN?

If you want to focus on your core business and outsource the management of your internal networking infrastructure, while still keeping a transparent view of what happens on your network, Sunrise Cloud managed WLAN leverages state of the art technology to create a high performance cloud managed solution for your Local Area Network.

Challenges for your business

Internal networking within a company is nowadays vital to perform daily business functions. The internal network is expected to be highly performing, while allowing employees to seamlessly work independently of their location within the building.

At the same time, companies are expected to focus in their core business and the internal network is expected to exist and function by using the least amount of internal resources or even none.

Sunrise solution

Cloud managed WLAN is a managed service for Local Area Network (LAN) that  leverages state of the art WIFI technology and creates a high performing and high density wireless network, allowing all employees to efficiently work independently from a fixed cable connection.  Ethernet based Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure is optimized and dimensioned to serve those application which are still dependent of fixed connectivity. Security can also be managed as a service.

Cloud managed WLAN service from Sunrise offers a state of the art cloud managed solution integrated with Sunrise Business Portal.  This offers a high level of integration with Sunrise systems while leveraging the possibilities of cloud management and allowing to include multi-site connectivity under the same platform with Cloud Managed WAN.

Sunrise solution - Top values in brief
  • Managed solution for internal networks – focus on your core business.

  • State of the art secure WIFI and LAN solution.

  • High performing high density wireless network, optimizing the use and investment on cable based network.

  • Fully leverages cloud based capabilities.

  • Access to Sunrise Business Portal facilitating management of service parameters and new configuration needs.

  • Single point of contact for WAN and internal network with Cloud WLAN

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