HTC 5G Hub
5G Speed for your office
Exclusively in the largest 5G network in Switzerland:
The HTC 5G Hub.

A hotspot with a wide range of smart functions
Always available with 5G.

Whether on the train, in a café, or at home: The HTC hub will automatically look for the fastest possible connection. In locations where 5G is not yet available, you will continue surfing using 4G+.

Connection for 20 devices.

5G stays quick, even when being used by multiple people and devices. The same goes for the HTC hub: Up to 20 devices can use it as their router at the same time and surf at the highest speeds.

Battery all day.

Wherever you go, the handily-sized router will be by your side, providing you access to the quickest network all day long thanks to its long-lasting battery.

Smart functions.

With its Android 9 operating system, the router also functions as a smart hub. The router offers the same functions as your tablet or smartphone: You can download apps, play games, work, or stream 4K movies.

At home.
The HTC hub replaces your Wi-Fi modem. It connects wireless to other screens and enables 4K streaming. Online gaming is free of stutters and video lag and supports up to 20 devices. Need something? Tell it to the smart hub using the convenient voice control function.
On the go.
Stream, play games, and hold online conferences on the go. Up to 2.63 Gbps downlink and 287 Mbps uplink. With the HTC hub, you can do anything at the highest possible speeds.
At the office.
The office of the future will not have a fixed location. The HTC hub ensures that your office network is mobile as well. With built-in ethernet, it provides your entire team with access to all networks. The network can be expanded as required via simple VPN configurations.